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When the temperature climbs sky-high or freezes over altogether, your climate control systems are your best friends. They protect you from the elements and keep things in the comfortable range of the thermostat. But when those friends try to take an unexpected holiday, you need some professionals to get them back in line. For those in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, no one is better than      Pennington Air Conditioning & Heating at taking care of your air conditioning and heating needs. So when you need air conditioning or heating service and repairs, come to the experts. Come to      Pennington Air Conditioning & Heating. Our first-rate team is spearheaded by Gary Pennington, a VA Veteran with 32 years of experience in the industry. Gary Pennington has a deep knowledge base and extensive background in Heating and Air Conditioning Systems. In fact, he’s been active in the industry since 1986. Plus, he is a master mason. With such a solid set of qualifications, it’s no wonder that     Pennington Air Conditioning & Heating has been such a success over the years.   Customer Satisfaction is Our Number 1 Priority.
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